"The Road Leads Home” is an observational documentary film following the lives of 3 women; strangers living in 3 major world cities (LA-NYC-SYD) and their individual faith journeys to find the ONE road that leads them home; a road that ultimately connects them in unexpected ways.

Confronting past and present issues of identity, value and what it means to be found, this is a human journey of the heart's search for truth.

The Road Leads Home

(Documentary 45mins)

Client: Colour Conference

Director: Paul Nevison

Executive Producer: Bobbie Houston, Ben Field, Paul Nevison

Producer: Caroline Bamford

DOP: Andy Catarisano

2nd Unit Camera: Richard Cause, Salomon Ligthelm

Camera Assist: Haidi Chavarria, Neal Johnson

Production Assistant: Jessica Yount

Editor: Paul Nevison

Edit Assist: Sebastian Strand, Nathaniel Redekop

Title Design: Nathaniel Redekop

Sound Recordist: Josiah New

Composer: Harrison Wood, Josiah New

Audio Mix: Josiah New

Colourist: Matt Fezz