“The Fisherman”. Documentary Short. (Completed)

Meksi is a proud Father and experienced fisherman, but his efforts to provide are constantly thwarted by an unreliable boat engine that puts him and his family’s already precarious situation in greater jeopardy. “The Fisherman” is an intimate portrait of a Mother and Father’s hopes and struggles to provide for their young family despite the limitations of poverty on the Indonesian island of Rote.

"The Evil Good". Feature Documentary/Narrative: in post-production (Coming 2020)

Watch Teaser Trailer here

Having turned his back on his family and the lure of crime in his younger years, Victor Escoto returns to the streets of his youth, now a detective for the Phoenix Organized Crime Bureau. With the streets overrun at the height of a meth epidemic, Victor comes face to face with the brutal economy of the Cartels and finds himself pitted against his estranged family that he once left behind. As a key player in a high-profile drug bust that rouses the wrath of the Cartel, the hunter now becomes the hunted. When the law he gave himself to serve fails him, he is forced to take extreme measures to protect his family. 

Based on a true story, The Evil Good is a narrative-documentary that examines the lines we choose to draw, the sides we are forced to take and the lifetime we spend living with those decisions. 

“Grace”. Documentary Short. (Completed)

“The world is full of suffering, but it is full also of the overcoming of it”

Helen Keller

"Can You See Me". Narrative Short: Completed (Coming 2019)

2x Short films that identify the warning signs of human trafficking and exploitation.

"Volta".  Documentary Short: (Released)

Children as young as 4 years old are sold to work as child labour on the fishing boats of Lake Volta, Ghana.  This is the story of one young boy Ebenezer who was sold into bonded labour, and Henry, a modern day abolitionist.


"Merciful" [working title].  Feature Film: in development (Coming 2020)

Revealing the untold story of the redemption of Andrew Chan, the notorious ringleader of the Bali 9 heroin smuggling ring.  Producers: Ben Field p.g.a (Let Hope Rise, Home & Away), Paul Nevison (The Evil Good, The I - Heart Revolution), James M Vernon (Predestination, In Like Flynn) Writers: Cliff Dorfman (Warrior, Entourage), Marc Furmie (Terminus, Harlem 58) & Shiyan Zheng (Terminus, Harlem 58)


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