Filmed over a period of 2 years, The I Heart Revolution: We're all in this Together follows the worship band, Hillsong United, as they travel across 6 continents 42 nations and 93 cities in a cross-cultural journey of music, animation, interviews and live action documentary as they realize every story of hope, love, loss and sacrifice ultimately points to the one story.

The I Heart Revolution: We're All In This Together

(Feature Length Documentary 110min)

Client: Hillsong United 

Writer/Director: Joel Houston, Danielle Saleh

Producer: Kelly Atkins

Cinematography: Danielle Saleh, Paul Nevison, Kelly Atkins 

Editor: Paul Nevison, Danielle Saleh

Composer: Ryan Taubert

Audio Post Supervisor: Andrew Crawford

Visual Design/Animation/TitleDesign: Glenn Stewart

Colourist/Animator/Title design: Matt Fezz