I’m a filmmaker originally from New Zealand … a decade in London … now based in Australia

finding stories that connect with our common humanity ...

embarking on adventures ...

this is my work in the world ...

Filmmaking has taken me to over 40 countries where I’ve developed a film style that allows me close to subjects, utilising intimate cinematic portraits to uncover truths both personal and universal.

Stories that champion the underdog, the unlikely and the overlooked are what get me out of bed in the morning. I’m passionate about finding truth however uncomfortable and it’s the genius of art that when ‘the front door of the intellect is closed the backdoor of the imagination is open’....this is the subversive nature of storytelling that has a way of reaching into the soul without asking permission.


Young Director Award 2019 Cannes - Gold Screen award for “Volta”

Ciclope Festival Africa 2019 - Winner Best Direction over 180sec for “Volta”.

Ciclope Festival Berlin 2019 - Finalist Best Direction over 180 sec for “Volta”.

Winner Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize 2019 (Australia) - for “Volta”


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