"The Evil Good". Feature Documentary/Narrative: in production (Coming 2018)

The true story of a Victor Escoto, a career law enforcement officer with the Phoenix PD.  When Victor cracks an important drug case that sends criminals with links to the Mexican Cartels to prison, including the boyfriend of his estranged sister, Victor unwitingly unleashes powerful forces of revenge that threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.

"Volta".  Documentary Short: completed (Coming May 2018)

Children as young as 4 years old are sold to work as child labour on the fishing boats of Lake Volta, Ghana.  This is the story of one young boy Ebenezer who was sold into bonded labour, and Henry, a modern day abolitionist.

"Under the Mango Trees". Documentary Short (Completed)

Mangoase is a rural village in eastern Ghana. The literal translation means "under the mango trees".

As one of the most deprived communities in Ghana, the local pastor in partnership with the village chief work tirelessly to bring change for the children of Mangoase; children like 7 year old Christine, orphaned at birth.

"Merciful" [working title].  Feature Film: in development (Coming 2019)

Revealing the untold story of the redemption of Andrew Chan, the notorious ringleader of the Bali 9 heroin smuggling ring.  Producers: Ben Field p.g.a (Let Hope Rise, Home & Away), Paul Nevison (The I - Heart Revolution), Executive Producer: Matthew Weaver p.g.a (Rock of Ages, Meet the Millers, Chefs Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi), Writers: Cliff Dorfman (Warrior, Entourage), Marc Furmie (Terminus, Saving King) & Shiyan Zheng (Terminus, Saving King)


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